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Keep Your Passport Handy...

...it's a long road

20 July 1980
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absurdity, acting, africa, age, andrew wyeth, androgyny, anthony burgess, asia, asshats, august wilson, bad career moves, barbershop quartets, barry glassner, beating the system, ben elton, black & white photography, books, change, chaos, cheekbones, chess, cigarettes, civil rights, conflict, daniel dennett, depeche mode, descartes, dialects, don't panic, dumb luck, ecumenism, edith piaf, emir kusturica, eric bogosian, etymology, existentialism, experimental theatre, experimentation, farce, fear, feminine men, femininity, fiction, flirting, gandhi, ha jin, hair bands, harlem, homosexuality, inconclusions, independence, innuendo, iron chef, ironic acronyms, irony, islam, jackie chan, jean-jacques rousseau, kant, karma, kundalini, kurt vonnegut, language, lao tzu, living alone, meditation, men, michel foucault, middle east, mind, monty python, mst3k, mythology, names, nietzsche, nikon, noam chomsky, paradox, paranoia, pathfinding, philosophy, politics, progress, psychology, puns, quantum psychology, queers, rachmaninoff, radio drama, ragtime, reincarnation, relation-r, religion, resolution, rhythm and blues, robert anton wilson, saint germain, samuel beckett, sarcasm, sartre, satire, schopenhauer, slr cameras, smelling good, snakes, socialism, solipsism, soul food, spain, st. germain, steven pinker, surrealism, swearing, sweet sweet lovin', taoism, tarot, terrence mcnally, terrorism, that junkie over there, the name "condoleeza", the office, the power of sound, the vitality of rupture, theatre, theorizing, travel, typos, umberto eco, unknown, urban legends, vanilla aftertaste, walt whitman, water, what the fuck (over), wit, women, words, writing